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I have always been lucky with my weight and have been able to eat basically whatever I want when I want it. But since coming to uni I have been eating more unhealthy, fatty foods (and, of course consuming a larger amount of alcohol). This has caused my waistline to gradually expand and everytime I go home I seem to have gained a few more pounds.

As a result of wanting to be healthier and hearing so many people raving about BooTea, I have finally decided to give it a go and start "teatoxing". I thought I would share with y'all how it is going and the results I see with these "Little bags of love". 

I started a couple of weeks ago now, so far I'm loving it and I've already noticed some changes. Alongside this I have been eating much healthier meals containing a reduced amount of calories, started exercising a lot more and attempted to stop drinking alcoholic/sugary drinks (recently this has been a struggle). 

The daily morning tea seems to give me that little bit of extra energy needed to motivate me to go to the gym, for a swim or for a run. Not only does the night time tea taste a little better (neither of them are actually that bad though), it also has a slight laxative effect to increase metabolism and therefore help with the cleanse. 

After a week I was already starting to see results, not massive but still enough to motivate me to carry on. The past week has been more of a struggle, with work getting in the way of exercise and a general lack of motivation. I am determined to get my act together and after these 28 days of drinking BooTea, exercising and controlling my diet I will feel energised and maybe a little bit happier with my body. 

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