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A few days in Dublin

At the beginning of the week my family and I took a trip to Dublin for my Dad's 50th Birthday. After a horrible early start on Monday (my alarm went off at 2 in the morning-feel sorry for me?!), we had 3 days to explore Dublin and drink as many pints of Guinness as possible- I found the Guinness there 1000x better than the Guinness we have here in England.
I have never been to Ireland, and have always wanted to go, purely to hear their beautiful accent, but I discovered there's a lot more to ireland than the accent (believe it or not). 
We spent the 3 days wandering around the streets, getting tour buses to a range of attractions (one of these was the Guinness factory of course), listening to Irish music and trying some of their traditional dishes (including the best beef pie I've ever eaten). 
I thought I would share with you all some of the pictures I took whilst I was there (this is just 11 of the possible 300, so count yourself lucky!) 


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  1. It looks so pretty! I love your photos. Hope you had a great time!
    Alex //


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