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Columbia Road Flower Market

Most of my Sundays consist of either having a duvet/Netflix day or washing, cleaning and food shopping (fun eh?) Either way I don't spend many Sunday's actually getting out and going somewhere. However after hearing a lot of good things about Columbia Road Flower Market, I decided to forget about my chores and take a trip there. 

To say it was busy would be an understatement and it didn't help my hay fever much, but it was a really good morning out and I would definitely recommend it. I'm not a flower expert in the slightest, but there were hundreds of beautiful flowers and plants all at really good prices. With only 1 week left before I move out of my uni room, I opted for some pink pionees and pretty white...stuff (I did say I wasn't a flower expert), which came to £10. I will definitely be going back when I move into my new flat! 

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